The Deep Dark: Reviewing your favorite crime podcasts

Imogen Rogers, Thomas Kim, and Matthew Carter

Are you conflicted over what crime podcast you can listen to this Halloween season? Well, worry not, for some of our best AVJ staff members are sharing their interesting opinion on some of the greatest podcast series to date.





Episode 1- Serial

Serial has been for the longest time an iconic figure in the history of podcasting itself, a must watch that can really make your toes wriggle. Well, Imogen Rogers (’22) is here to figure out if the podcast meets up to its hype or not.

Music credit: “Little Wooden Church” by The Trumpeteers on the Free Music Archive (Public Domain Mark 1.0), “Boana” by REW<<< on the Free Music Archive (CC by-NC 4.0)


Episode 2- In The Dark

Here comes a rather different approach on crime reporting, an extensive investigative podcast that deals out the hard facts and nothing else. Thomas Kim (’23) is here to provide his opinion on this  unique perspective to crime journalism.

Music credit: “Dry Leaves” by El Wud on the Free Music Archive (CC by-NC 4.0)


Episode 3- Serial Killers

Finally, here comes a true crime podcast that truly storytells (and analyses) the inside and outs of mysterious murders. Matthew Carter (’22) is ready to dive into Serial Killers and give us what we want; a merciless review.

Music Credit: “Dry Leaves” by El Wud on the Free Music Archive (CC by-NC 4.0)