A Return to the Student Lifestyle

Remote learning was a tough experience for all students, in some way or another. Among the student body, each class has unique experiences regarding their knowledge of the Amador lifestyle. Here, we talk to students of each grade to learn of their perspective on high school.







Freshman – Veronica Pascual (’25)

In this episode, Zaynah Shah (’24) speaks with Veronica Pascual (’25) about her knowledge of the campus, and how fortunate she feels having not missed a year of high school due to the pandemic.

Music credit- Music credit- https://www.purple-planet.com, Brighton Ave. by Audiobinger from the Free Music Archive, licensed under CC by NC 4.0

Sophomore- Aditi Chinta

Audrey Combs (’24) converses with Aditi Chinta (’24) about the problems that arose with the implementation of online school, and how hard it was to make friends in that environment.

Music credit- https://www.purple-planet.com


Senior- Ethan Nguyen

Parth Mishra (’23) talks to Ethan Nguyen (’22) about his first few months as a senior, and the problems that come with having a stressful junior year.

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