How the Pleasanton community is staying positive during the holidays


Madison Charbonneau

Candy Cane Lane is located on Walnut St. and has a display of light spread out along 28 houses. This is the 65th year all the neighbors came together to decorate the street.

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer

Through these difficult times, the Pleasanton community has found ways to stay positive during the global pandemic.

December is going to be a little different this year. Usually, people see groups of people going out, having fun, and traveling. But that won’t be the case this year.

Due to COVID, people aren’t advised to go out and travel. The pandemic has recently been having a rise in cases and a rise in the death rate. People getting more and more anxious and nervous about increasing infection rates. Luckily, this year the Pleasanton community wants to lift those down spirits.

Businesses in Pleasanton have been reopening throughout the week and due to the new restrictions and the rising cases of covid. Businesses’ have had to change the way they do things. There are more severe sanitization rules and precautions regarding the new stay at home order. 

“At the dairy, we are taking the necessary safety precautions to make sure all workers and customers are safe. We enjoy this time of year we are doing everything we can to stay open,” said Coco Besson (21′), The Dairy Employee.

Trying to stay positive has been one of the hardest things to do this year. There has been little to no hope in COVID cases coming down in the world. But a small street in downtown Pleasanton is bringing joy to parents and kids. Candy Cane Lane is a street full of lights, music, and interactive games. 

“I have lived on Candy Cane lane for years and it’s become a loved tradition. My family loves everyone in town coming and looking at our house and making them smiles, especially during this time I’m glad we can make people feel good during the holidays,” said Candy Cane Lane Resident.

The best thing that we can do right now is looking at the bigger picture. People may be feeling down, and it isn’t fun when you can see your loved ones. 

2020 has been a very long and stressful year for everyone. COVID has seemingly ruined everything for a lot of people. It’s been hard to stay positive especially with moving to online school and the global pandemic. The Pleasanton community has been doing their best in lifting spirits and spreading holiday joy.

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