Winter concert for AV orchestra and choir


Jamilla Zuniga

A past virtual concert by Amador orchestra and choir.

On December 18th, Amador Valley’s orchestra and choir will be participating in a virtual winter concert. The video will be streamed at 7:30 p.m. and will be available for later viewings as well. 

The students sent in individual recordings, which were then compiled into a complete, final recording. Separate classes will “perform” at least twice. 

To make sure the videos are uniform and professional, a long list of requirements was sent out to the musicians. This list included having limited background noise as well as wearing proper attire. 

“[It was] challenging because there [were] a lot of rules we [had] to follow in order for Mr. Aubel to create a successful and cohesive video,” said Sara Vannoni (‘23). 

However, not all recordings will be finished by December 18th. They will continue being produced throughout winter break with a few being released in early January. 

“Because each multi-track video takes 20-40 hours to produce, we will not get all of them completed by our Winter Concert,” said AV music teacher Mr. Aubel.   

Both teachers and students continue to recognize the importance of performing and enjoying music, in spite of the circumstances. 

“Students love to play instruments and sing. When they see the combined songs, they will be glad they submitted a recording to make the final performance,” said Aubel. 

Performing may not look the same this year, but these students are making the most out of what they have.