Drive-through Pirates of Emerson Review


Matt Carter

Even with the major changes made to the haunted house, the entrance is still wonderfully built and spooky as ever!

Matthew Carter, Amadon EIC

The Pirates of Emerson haunted house attraction has been a popular October event for the past twenty-nine years now. Exclusive to Pleasanton, Pirates of Emerson comes to the Alameda county fairgrounds every October in the weeks leading up to Halloween with their wonderfully scary haunted houses. 

With this year’s new pandemic, safely running through haunted houses with large groups of people seemed almost impossible. Pirates of Emerson had to adapt and create an all new drive through haunted house. The drive through haunted house costs $95 dollars per car, so fit as many friends into your car as you can! You drive through a creepy haunted house with scarers jumping out at you from every corner.

This new style of haunted house is new, and like all new things has its pros and cons. 

“There weren’t enough scarers and it was way too slow. It also just wasn’t as fun being stuffed in a car as it is running through the houses,” says Landon Betker (22’). Like many others, Betker wasn’t too thrilled with what Pirates of Emerson had to offer this year. With the higher prices and lack of excitement, it’s hard to blame him. 

Despite being a downgrade from the classic Pirates of Emerson, this attraction is not without its’ pros. With everything closed down and most Halloween festivities being canceled, it’s nice to have a fun place to go get a good scare. 

“Considering the circumstances it was pretty enjoyable. My favorite part was watching all the killer clowns try to scare us even though they weren’t even allowed to touch our windows.” Kiana Lum (22’).

A sneak peek into what the drive-through haunted house has to offer!

The drive through is a very safe and still scary way to spend the spooky Halloween season. If you and your family or friends are interested in this scary experience, they’re open at the fair grounds every Thursday through Sunday night until Halloween. With the holiday season getting nearer it’s important to keep spirits high, and Pirates of Emerson does just that.