PUSD grading system during school dismissal


Sarah Banholzer

As students are now completing all classwork online, many now wonder how grades will work during the school dismissal.

Sarah Banholzer, AVT Editor-In-Chief

With PUSD’s recent move to online learning due to the district-wide school dismissal, there have been many rumors about the format of grades during this online learning period of time. 

For now, it seems that PUSD will continue with grades as usual during the school dismissal until notified otherwise.

“In terms of students receiving grades, we are carefully considering the best options for our students. The CDE has not yet determined the course of action as we await input from UCs and CSUs. We believe it is in the best interest of our students to consider all variables and ensure that we move forward in a manner that is in alignment with the expectations of colleges and universities. We will keep you informed as decisions pertaining to assigning grades are made,” said Ken Rocha, PUSD Director of Secondary Education.

Although the current protocol of receiving grades will remain the same for now, the fact that many surrounding school districts are dealing with students’ grades during online learning in different ways, leads us to wonder if PUSD will adopt different grading policies in the near future.

At Dublin Unified, students are required to continue with school work, but they will not receive any grades for the work done during school dismissal.

“None of our work is graded, it’s all just formative, but we’re still expected to do it. I think teachers are posting them [grades online], but making them worth [that take up] 0% of our grade,” said Susu Badhuri (23’), Dublin High student. 

This is the same for San Ramon Valley. SRV is postponing all grades until April 14, the expected date to return back to in-person school. However, all students are still completing assigned classwork during the dismissal.

“The next two weeks are just ‘optional online learning’ but after spring break we might get graded work,” said one Dougherty Valley student. 

In the case of Livermore Unified, up until the week of their Spring Break, teachers are not allowed to give grades for work. All classwork assigned to students is technically optional during the school dismissal.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, schools in the Fremont Unified School District, along with Acalanes High School in Lafayette, are continuing with grades as usual, just as PUSD is.

“It’s very unorganized and a little confusing. However, we are still doing grades with all the work, tests, and assignments being online,” said Devon Christensen (22’), an Acalanes High student.

The elimination of grades during the school dismissal may cause a reaction from more than just the students. Many parents argued against the end of grades for their students during this unprecedented time.

“I definitely think students should be graded because I would want my kids to maintain as much normalcy as possible during such a crazy time in our lives. I think it’s the responsible thing to do, and though it may be difficult for some families to maintain regular school schedules, it’s important to keep the same schedule and expectations that would exist during regular school times, for the students’ sake. I especially don’t want my kid or any other students to fall behind the rest of the country and even the world because of a virus that we can protect ourselves from,” said Amador parent, Sajal Sahay.

Although the state of PUSD’s grading system could change in an instant, many students are applauding the district for allowing grades to be received during online learning.

“I am very grateful to be receiving grades while we are on this break because I have been very stressed about what will happen to my grades and how this will affect my GPA. The fact that teachers are being awesome and staying on top of it makes me feel way better, said Madison Charbonneau (21’).

With the possible end to grades during this online learning period, it raises the question of how it will affect the morale and effort level of Pleasanton students? As for now, we can expect grades to continue as usual until further notice by the school district.