Amador Ice Hockey Club Success

Senyi Yang, Staff Writer

Even though AVHS hockey isn’t officially considered a school sport, the club has had no less than stellar performance in the last few years. Previously, the team breezed through the regular season and cemented their place in the EBAL Championships. 

In 2017, the team won the EBAL championships, and in 2018, they went all the way to the finals but ended up losing against Cal High. 

“I think the biggest factor in our success is our team bond; we bring pizza to the club meetings and try to get as many people as we can. It’s really like a family atmosphere,” said Ryan Coultrip (‘21).

The team has had interesting and unique inside jokes and stories in the past.

“We don’t really have any superstitions, but a couple of years ago there was this player named Dom who would always punch a wall before we went out to get us all riled up and hyped for the game,” said Brett Ciraulo (‘20), the hockey club president.

As with all good sports teams, the AVHS hockey club has an admirable and hard-working coach, according to the players.

“Our coach always gives a fiery pre-game speech and last year he got our logo tattooed on his calf, so he’s very committed to the team,” said Coultrip.

This year, however, things might be a little different.

“I believe, last year, we had between 10-13 seniors graduate, so really, right now we’re just trying to have more people join the club regardless of skill level. It will definitely play a big role in the team because I doubt we will be as successful as easily,” said Brett Ciraulo.

Before the season starts, the club holds a tryout practice just to see the overall dynamic and chemistry of the team. This practice, and all practices and home games, are held at the Iceland ice rink in Dublin. 

Hockey is a fantastic club to join at Amador if you have even a little experience. 

“I think with hockey, especially since not a lot of people do it here on the West Coast, it is really fun because with so many people out here playing a rare sport, we all know that it’s not normal or very common. It’s special for us when we can bond with each other through that and find another team that we can connect with,” said Ciraulo. 

Hockey season starts in March, so come out to Dublin Iceland to support the Dons during their home games.