AVHS is in Desperate Need of a Dead Week

Erica Goldhawk

Soumya Sahay and Katalina Garber

Twice a year, students stress and cram for finals week. Amador administration attempts to cope with the high stress levels around campus by allowing stress dogs and their owners to roam around the quad and relieve the mental and emotional strain that students have to deal with. Still, some don’t think that’s enough.

“I think that the dogs help us, but it’s not enough to keep us calm in the slightest. We’re all very very stressed out, and it’s like yeah, it’s a nice five minute break, but the stress is still there,” said Cordelia Stuart (‘20).

While some schools provide adorable dogs that emotionally comfort students throughout finals week, others have taken a more direct approach. They have a ‘dead week’ before the week of finals, meaning that teachers are not allowed to assign homework the entire week.

“I would love a dead week, because there is a lot of extra stress with all the assignments, turning in last minute projects, and things like that. It would be helpful,” said Chloe Fitzmyrs (‘20).

Finals week is the last chance many students have to bring up their grades, and receive the grade they want for the semester. This high expectation often leads to unhealthy stress and over-studying.

“I would use it to study for projects that I know will be ahead, and to study for the actual final. Before finals week, I feel…numb. Because you’re tired, you’re hungry, you’re stressed, and did I mention tired?” said Ashley Castillo (‘21).

A dead-week at Amador would allow for students to study for their upcoming tests without having to worry about completing other assignments. It would also prevent teachers from teaching new concepts the week before the final.  

“I believe some of my teachers would agree to a dead week as they would have less to grade, and I believe many students would also prefer a dead week to decrease the stress of finals,” said Sagurika Ujjual (‘19).

Amador’s first semester finals week this year is December 17-December 21, with two finals every day for the last three days of the week.

Happy studying, Dons! And good luck on all finals!

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