Before we can celebrate the end of the pandemic, here are some ways for people to stop the growth in coronavirus cases in not just the U.S but across the globe.

Why the end of the pandemic is farther than we think

Arlina Yang, Junior Editor April 13, 2021

No one can say for sure how life will go on as coronavirus never ceased to disappear from the news reports with an ever growing case number in the U.S. As vaccines started to be distributed across the...

Facebook stopped banning political ads on March 4th.

Are political ads on Facebook a good idea?

Austin Coyne, Staff Writer March 26, 2021

Earlier this month, on March 4th, Facebook ended the ban on political ads on its platform. Facebook had banned political ads indefinitely one week before the presidential elections last year to prevent...

Schedules from different high schools vary, but most schools have asynchronous work time.

Asynchronous versus synchronous: which provides a better learning experience?

Renna Popli, Junior Editor March 26, 2021

Distanced learning guidelines have made it so there are hours of asynchronous learning time every week, and many students find that these times make it harder for them to learn than synchronous lessons. Many...

Is the Media Biased in Covering COVID-19?

Is the Media Biased in Covering COVID-19?

Yi (Steven) Yang, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

In March of 2020, the front page of every newspaper was plastered with news about COVID-19. As time moved on, the news about COVID slowly dwindled to a few articles on the front page—and now, depending...

The Texas and Mississippi governors have opened the state and lifted the mask mandate.

Texas and Mississippi open up 100% with no masks, setting a bad example for the country

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Greg Abbot, the governor of Texas, has ended the Texas statewide mask mandate. This means that Texas will be able to open up stores, restaurants, and other businesses at 100%.  While governor Greg...

Why elementary students need to go back to school first

Why elementary students need to go back to school first

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor February 28, 2021

Ever since the pandemic began, school boards and counties across the country have been figuring out how to bring students back to in-person learning. A decision that has been unanimous is to bring back...

Why Students Won’t Be Prepared for In-Person Learning Next School Year

Renna Popli, Junior Editor February 28, 2021

Online school has left many students feeling like they haven’t learned a lot or like they’re struggling socially, and students, teachers, and parents alike all wonder if online learning is properly...

Are executive orders strong enough to protect civil rights?

Renna Popli, Junior Editor February 28, 2021

Joe Biden is almost over a month into his presidency and has undone much of the work that former president Donald Trump did during his own administration, but if it’s so easy to undo each others’ executive...

Confused About Queer Identities? Here’s A Guide To Asking Questions

Mickey Lonner, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2021

As politics surrounding gender and sexuality become more mainstream, people are confused about a lot of things. What does pansexual mean? How do you figure out someone’s pronouns? What is the gender...

Athletes are now allowed to play both high school and club sports which is a good thing if done safely.

Playing club and high school sports in a pandemic: is it worth the risk?

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer February 28, 2021

Due to Covid-19 youth sports have been canceled for nearly a year. Club and high school sports have come to a complete stop. But, recently California has loosened the rules for youth sports and is allowing...

The Covid-19 vaccine is a necessary medical breakthrough that everyone should take.

Why are people afraid of the vaccine?

Haygen Riley-Gleason, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

Now that Amador teachers are being vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine, a plethora of conspiracy theories about the vaccine are surrounding its ingredients. Every single political event or scientific...

While there are some risks of outdoor dining, people can take safety precautions to decrease exposure to COVID-19.

Is outdoor dining safe?

Aidan Bohen, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

As millions of Americans begin to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, it's a giant step into returning back to normal life. But masks and social distancing are still a must.  Small businesses took a giant...

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