What happens when protests turn to riots

Downtown Pleasanton businesses boarded up fearing violence and looting, but on June 6, 2020 the protesters gathered to shout their message in peace.

Renna Popli, Sr. Staff Writer

September 20, 2020

In response to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, protests have turned to riots, and riots have sparked retaliation. Some of that retaliation has come from the protestors themselves.  “As a white person, I don’t think it’s my place to condemn how black people are protesting because it is thei...

The Collegeboard needs to either officially cancel all 2020 SATs or create an online test

Students who have put a lot of money, time, and effort into test prep may not be able to get an official SAT score before 2021.

Senyi Yang

August 27, 2020

As a result of the coronavirus, test centers across California are cancelling their early fall tests. Especially eager students have flocked to rural counties and even to open test centers in Nevada. These test center cancellations have completely changed how students can access CollegeBoard testing...

The Pleasanton library’s curbside pickup system needs help

The Pleasanton library's curbside pickup system needs help

Elyssa Lieu, Senior Editor

August 17, 2020

What does it mean to check out a book? For most people, it means getting ready to dig into a good story. Yet one of the largest factors in reading a story is being able to check it out immediately. You’re in the library, you check out a book, and the book is now yours for two weeks.  During quar...

AP exam scores have same national results as past years despite online learning

AP exam scores have same national results as past years despite online learning

Leila Touati, Page Editor

July 15, 2020

Students of Amador took the online AP exams this May with difficulty, and the national statistics for the scores have surprisingly been the same results as previous years. A different form of testing requires a different score and result. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 school year shou...

Police officers across the country are unjustly attacking peaceful protestors

Trisha Khattar, Podcasting EIC

June 7, 2020

As protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality rage across the United States, it’s ironic that most footage and testimonies from protestors themselves reveal the frighteningly deep and true extent to police misconduct and brutality. In cities such as Seattle, ...

Why quarantine isn’t the only thing keeping me home: one girl’s story

This story was written to promote positivity, and encourage others to do their part to protect their own community.

Sahana Kumar, Jr. Page Editor

May 20, 2020

Before the Shelter-in-place was enforced in late March, I would rush home after school, rush to my local coffee shop, and study until dusk. I would also walk my dog, and attend classes or meetings. This all changed to online meetings very quickly, but the only thing that shouldn’t have differed is my ...

Online Learning is Not Effective

Sunny Liu, Staff Writer

March 31, 2020

To prevent the further outbreak of COVID-19, schools have been transitioned to remote learning through online methods. However, after a week of remote learning, it becomes evident that there are numerous flaws in online learning. To begin with, remote learning is extremely inefficient. Students must wa...

We need more movies like Birds Of Prey

We need more movies like Birds Of Prey

Mickey Lonner, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

As a fantasy nerd, I love comic books and movies—but as a girl, sometimes that’s hard. Growing up, there weren’t many female characters on screen that I could look up to, and when there were, they were more oversexualized sidekicks than anything else. That’s gotten better over time. Wonder...

Mandatory testing after school shouldn’t be a problem

We all know that testing is important in schools, but how important exactly should we see them?

Derry Xu, Staff Writer

February 24, 2020

Whether it be a mock AP test or a common makeup, mandatory after school testing is something nearly everyone has to suffered through. Yet in a world where busy students are the new norm, these tests often clash with students' other activities, leading to the question of whether or not after school tes...

Should sleeping during class be offensive?

On any given day, at least 20% of high schoolers can be found snoozing in class.

February 21, 2020

The national sleep foundation reported that teenagers need about 8-10 hours of sleep each night. However, they found that only 15% of teenagers reported sleeping 8.5 hours on school nights. Many sleep even less to stay up doing homework (or playing games). This results in what many teachers find as offensive...

Has anyone kept their New Year’s resolution?

New Year's resolutions may be simple to write down but they're hard to do!

Trisha Khattar and Matt Kim

February 21, 2020

It's been a month since people made New Year's resolutions. But every year, some of us are just unable to stick to our words. A study by the University of Scranton found that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, and ultimately, only 8% of people will successfully accomplish their reso...

Watch out! Your Instagram posts could decide college for you…

Even though a stunning 72% of Instagram users are teenagers, Snapchat remains the app that teens use most often on average.

Lucy Dou, Staff Writer

February 20, 2020

Teenagers spend around 9 hours on social media. That statistic isn’t surprising - if you’re like most people, then you know all too well the feeling of scrolling on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok for hours on end. But social media might be more important than you think, especially for juniors a...

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