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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Celebrities aren’t angels or devils, but are somewhere in that grey area. The question is, do they have a responsibility to be more moral?

Try Guys and Herschel Walker: Are celebrities role models?

Kevin Zhu and Yi (Steven) Yang October 31, 2022

Moral hypocrisy is ever more present in society. Ned Fulmer of the internet entertainment group Try Guys has been leaked that he had been involved in infidelity.  More sordid is the fact that Fulmer...

Many do not know what actually causes diets to work: calories. Unaltered photo taken by Marco Verch / CC 2.0

Food and weight: misconceptions and how to correct them to reach your goals

Dylan Talbot, AVT Health and Wellness Page Editor October 13, 2022

People from all generations have been concerned with their self-image, especially maturing teens. This has caused many misconceptions to form over time. When we surveyed Amador Valley High School’s students...

Many users saw Tates content online.

Should social media companies ban users?

Gyan Bhambhani, Staff Writer October 6, 2022

Andrew Tate was a social media sensation over the summer. However, recently, he was banned from all social media (Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok) after being accused of repeatedly spreading misogyny.  How...

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham introduced an abortion bill to the floor. Is this a form of political trickery to gain votes for the midterm?

Lindsey Graham’s political trickery before midterms

Nadya Carreira, Features Editor September 30, 2022

Before Roe v. Wade was overturned, it was easy for Republicans to point to the issue and promise change, and in return, Senator Lindsey Graham has taken it upon himself to create something else republicans...

Russians who have completed military service before are getting drafted to fight.

Should Russians be blamed for the war in Ukraine?

Anita Gautam, Staff Writer September 27, 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine has brought a lot of conversations to dinner tables. Some of them involved blaming the citizens for their government’s actions. But blaming citizens is not the solution.  “I...

Implemented correctly, a seven-period day may prove useful and fun for many students.

Amador Valley should implement a seven-period schedule

Parth Mishra and Yi (Steven) Yang September 26, 2022

Students take 48 semester classes in four years at Amador Valley with a six period bell schedule, leaving 90 credits for electives. At first glance, 90 credits seem like a lot – enough to fit in nine...

Amadors local leaders have been focusing on trash tracking to lower the waste problem at Amador.

Awareness isn’t enough: environmental action is needed at Amador

Kevin Zhu and Yi (Steven) Yang September 15, 2022

Amador has nearly three thousand students, and in order to reduce the student body’s carbon footprint, initiatives like Go Green need to be implemented at a larger scale at Amador. The Go Green Initiative...

After two years of COVID, things are slowly going back to normal. What changed in the past school year?

Looking back on 2021-22: what changed?

Thomas Kim and Yi (Steven) Yang May 27, 2022

Late 2021 and early 2022 brought many geopolitical changes around the globe. On a smaller scale, what has changed in Pleasanton over the course of the school year? A year of COVID and normalcy  The...

In the near future, the world may be faced with a famine. What will the world look like then?

The threat of a famine and what it means to Pleasanton

Parth Mishra and Yi (Steven) Yang May 27, 2022

2022 brings no shortage in global crises, leading to economic troubles, political woes, and social unrest. Permeating through all of this is the threat of famine, economists predict. What can be some...

While students are excited to pursue higher education in college, student debt is a source of stress and struggle for many.

What should the government do about student debt?

Mark Zhou, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Student debt is a pressing issue in the US today -- over 45 million people now owe a total of over 1.7 trillion dollars of debt. With the average student debt increasing from $24,700  to $36,800 in the...

Asian women are becoming the prime victims in anti-Asian hate crimes as they’re viewed as an easier target for attacks.

“Scared for My Safety”: Asian Women Targeted for Hate Crimes

Arlina Yang, AVTV Segments EIC May 26, 2022

Following Michelle Go and Christina Yuna Lee’s deaths in New York City, the fear of becoming a target of xenophobia for Asian women is rising by leaps and bounds. These recent attacks have only renewed...

Although AP testing is at the end of the school year, their benefits outweigh the harms for many seniors who take them.

Why seniors shouldn’t limit the APs they take

Senyi Yang, AVtv Editor-in-Chief May 24, 2022

The decision of how rigorous your senior year classes should be has long been in debate. Some argue that it’s important to maintain how difficult your senior year is compared to other years, while others...

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