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AV Juniors celebrate 1920’s day

Caleb Hong
After weeks of preparation, the dancers pulled off a great performance for 1920s day.

On Friday, Nov 17th, AV Juniors performed the Charleston dance and celebrated 1920’s day during lunch. The event is largely student-led, and included a lively jazz band performance at the start.

“We have student volunteers who are usually really good dancers and choreographers who plan the dance and they meet 10-12 times to learn the dance. They perform for us the Friday before the break,” said US History Teacher Jill Battilega.

Before the dance, the Amador Valley Jazz Band put on a memorable performance, drawing large crowds. 

“Honestly, it was pretty nice to play for an audience that wasn’t just parents. The first one we played, called “Back in Blue Orleans,” is a pretty fun song, everyone likes it. The other songs were pretty much classic older jazz songs that fit the vibe of the 1920s,” said Jazz Band performer Alexander Hwang (‘25).

The student crowd grew in appreciation and curiosity for the jazz band’s show, enjoying the music in anticipation for the upcoming dance. 

“As a performer, you kind of learn to tune out the crowd. I did notice, however, that people were getting in the groove. They also might have been more supportive because they all see their friends in [the band] too,” said Hwang.

The Charleston dance itself is also very structured. It changes in flow and tone to represent the Roaring 20s’ dynamic.

“The 1920s was a period of great joy for some Americans, but great sadness for others. And I think the Charleston dance personified this in a way. It really showed some of that contrast,” said Charleston Dance performer Tejas Chugh (‘25)

Although the preparation took weeks of lunchtime practices, it all paid off in the end. Many US History students also dressed up for 1920s day, making the final dance even more enjoyable. 

“I think the teachers wanted us to have a good experience while also learning enough about the [1920s] time period,” said Chugh.

It was clear the students appreciated the work the teachers put in to making the dance both educational and fun.

“It was an great event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While I was dancing, I honestly felt part of the 1920s,” said Chugh.

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  • The jazz band also performed during lunch, right before the Charleston dance.

  • Many students gathered to watch the juniors’ performance.

  • After the dance, the US History teachers hosted a raffle event for all students who dressed up for 1920s day.

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