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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The transition from fall to winter: It gets earlier every year

Though fall is just nearly reaching its peak, the aura of winter seems to blanket the chilling atmosphere, defrosting an invigorating feeling for some. Some stores around Pleasanton already are showcasing Christmas decorations and embracing the holiday spirit.

Safeway stores across Pleasanton are already displaying Christmas decor. (Lauren Tran)

“I noticed that Safeway already had some Christmas decor, even though it’s not even Halloween yet. And around town, there’s a bunch of stores that have winter holiday items. I mean I don’t mind it, I just found it curious,” said Joyce Huang (‘25).

With the days beginning to shorten and the cold creeping in, fall holidays like Thanksgiving become overlooked. For some, winter begins to stir in the back of their minds as soon as fall turns the corner.

“For me, as soon as the cold weather hits, I immediately prepare myself for winter. I just love the vibe and of course always look forward to December 25th,” said Huang.

Despite it only being the end of October, Amy’s Hallmark Shop had an abundance of Christmas items alongside their Halloween decorations. (Lauren Tran)

Some stores began setting up winter items and goods even before Halloween. Different stores have various times they prepare for winter, but many stock their winter supplies before the end of fall.

“We stock our [Christmas decorations] around the middle of October. We usually get the shipments early because as a Hallmark store, we do our second launch of decorations then, so it kind of gets people excited about Christmas,” said a Hallmark employee.

Amy’s Hallmark Shop has already stocked up on many Christmas ornaments to get shoppers in the holiday spirit. (Lauren Tran)

Though the height of the spooky season is yet to come, the winter spirit is beginning to linger in the background. Thanksgiving seems to be increasingly overlooked for numerous reasons. It also does not have as much widespread appeal compared to winter holidays.

“For me, I associate the end of October with winter. I know a lot of people like to take one holiday at a time, but I just love the feeling of Christmas and the overall winter ambiance. I kind of forget about Thanksgiving completely, which can be controversial in ways,” said Hailey Hamilton (‘25).

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