AV films Lip Dub


AVJ Photo Staff

AV Students waiting for their turn as the cameraman starts at the beginning of the Lip Dub track.

Elizabeth Kostalnick, Staff Writer

    Last Friday, March 16, the rain stopped just long enough for the entire Amador community to come together to create the AV “Lip Dub.”

    Every 4 years the leadership students spearhead and put together this event featuring every Amador student in the school. This year another team, led by AV junior Payton Henry, planned and ran the Lip Dub.

    “I thought the Lip Dub was very well coordinated and showed that although all the students have differences we came together to create something unique and wonderful showing school spirit and diversity,” said Jazmine Ramanathan  (‘20).

Students dance, sing, and set volleyballls over cameraman Jared Caldwell as he is rolled passed filming the track of students.

    Amador’s last Lip Dub was in 2014. Every 4 years of having a Lip Dub will allow every student to participate in this event once. The next Lip Dub will be held in 2022, the year after Amador’s current Freshmen graduate.

    “It was fine. I think that leadership did a good job of putting it together and making it work in such a short period of time,” said Caroline Recupero (‘18).

    Many believed that leadership organized this event well and was able execute the Lip Dub in a great way.

    A special schedule for the school day was approved in order to have 80 minutes set aside to run through the Lip Dub twice. The camera was held on the cart and the cameraman was pushed through the path of the Lip Dub twice, taping both times.

    Each club and sport were represented in the Lip Dub allowing everyone at Amador to be a part of the Lip Dub.

AV students left classes during the scheduled ‘rally period” to line up and wait for their turn to be on camera.

    At the conclusion of the Lip Dub students were guided to go back to their classes and get their backpacks for lunch. Overall, this event brought the entire Amador community together allowing the school to show spirit and support for each and every Don.

AV Leadership is working on editing the video now and it should be released within the coming weeks.