Protest and Memorial Held at Amador for Gun Control


Catherine L.

Many signs read the phrase, "Guns have more rights that I do."

Elizabeth Kostalnick, Staff Writer

    On March 14, 2018 over 3,000 schools across America joined together at 10:00 am to 10:17 am by walking out of the students’ classrooms, all protesting gun violence and then holding a memorial for the 17 students that lost their lives exactly a month ago today.

    “The nationally organized walkouts, most of which were expected to last 17 minutes in symbolic tribute to the Florida victims, are unprecedented in recent American history. Supporters say the protests represent a realization of power and influence by young people raised on social media who have come of age in an era of never-ending wars, highly publicized mass shootings and virulent national politics,” stated a Washington Post article.

Students also gathered out at the road for a gun control protest, where they remained silent, but were cheered on by the passing cars and parents.

    Roughly 1,500 of Amador Valley students today walked out of their class in front of the MP or out in front of the school at 10:00, joining the 3,000 other schools across the country fighting for stricter gun laws and placing a memorial for the 17 students that passed away.

    Amador’s administration supported the student’s rights to express their opinion on gun violence and allowed the protest to happen.  School administrators, local police, and available teachers were on hand to ensure the safety of all the students protesting.

    “It’s great to see how much support we got from other students and admin. And that we are so lucky to live in the Bay Area where social activism is widely accepted,” said Caroline Recupero (‘18).

    This event lasted roughly 20 minutes. At the walkout in front of the school, 17 minutes were dedicated to moments of silence for each student that passed away in the Florida shooting. Students held posters and were cheered on by passing drivers and parents across the street.

    “I really felt this spirit of protest, a camaraderie with students across the country who all feel the same way about guns in school- that they don’t belong there. Going out on the street and holding up posters also allowed us to connect to our own community as they drove by and honked in support” said Cathrine Lilja (‘18).

Students gather at the quad to honor the 17 victims of the parkland shooting.

    In front of the MP in the school quad, balloons and candles were lit for each student who passed away as well as speeches given about the topic. Preceding the event, a short moment of silence was given for those who were lost.

    Many Amador students felt that this protest brought the school together.

    “I thought it was a really great way to show our support and have a memorial for the 17 (people lost) and that we had balloons and a candle for each student that past away and just that we were able to recognize each and every one and that we are keeping those items in the quad as representation for 17 days as awareness,” said  Samara Ayoob-Ahmad (‘19).

    For those who did not participate in the walkout, classes continued normally during those 17 minutes. Students were allowed to either participate or stay in the classroom. After the protest, classes resumed as normal and students went back to their ACCESS periods.

    Students at Amador definitely made their voices heard, no matter what position they took. We are proud to have such an active community of students who join those across the country in expressing their beliefs.

    See the full photo album of the event here.