What are students planning for summer break?


Maya Boorman

One way students are spending their summers is working part-time jobs. Through June and July, Maya Boorman (‘25) will continue her job coaching cheer at California Spirit Elite.

Savana Garber

During summer break, students have about two months of free time to spend as they wish. Some get part-time jobs, participate in academic programs, or travel to foreign countries. Summer vacation is also a great time to do what one loves, whether that is playing a favorite sport or hanging out with friends and family.

“I am working as a cheer coach for summer camps in California Spirit Elite, and I coach at Edge Gymnastics. I teach beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, as well as preschoolers. Just basic gymnastics skills. And I do that pretty much every day said Maya Boorman (‘25).


Some students use this time to pursue educational programs or internships to grow their skills outside school. Several opportunities are available for Amador students, from on-campus university programs to political fellowships.

“I’m going to COSMOS… COSMOS is a month-long summer program at Davis. You live in the dorms and stuff, and you basically research and do projects on whatever your cluster topic is. Mine is sustainable transportation. So I’m going to do stuff like electric vehicles and public transportation,” said Ayla Parsons (‘25)


Others like to use the extended break time to explore different places and cultures around the world.

“I’m going to Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, and we’re gonna be in Buenos Aires. Then we’re flying up to Iguazu Falls, and then we’re going to Rio de Janeiro for about eleven days,” said Ashley Mantha (‘25).

For many who play competitive sports, summer break is useful for training and playing in tournaments. Outdoor sports players must battle the heat but continue to play nevertheless.

“My summers are always packed with softball. My travel team has been on a break because of high school softball, so we play every weekend. I’ll be going to Las Vegas, southern California, and Colorado for softball tournaments,” said Mai Falcone (‘26).

Although summer can be a time to brush up on personal skills or explore personal interests, it can also be spent growing closer to friends and family, especially those ones one may not see during the school year.

“I’d like to spend more time with my family, especially my sister because I don’t think I see her enough. We only have one class together, and I would like to have more shifts with my friends at work,” said Boorman.