How AV revamped the Survivor Rally


Trisha Pandey

Sydney Head (‘24) and Charlotte Kelly (‘25) go through the hula hoop obstacle course in the Survivor Rally.

Trisha Pandey, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, the annual Survivor rally is coming to Amador Valley, but this year the organizers have added a few changes that will hopefully make this rally the best one yet. 

“[This year], we’re going to switch it up a little bit and instead of the theme being Survivor in the Jungle, it’s going to be Survivor at the Beach. So it’s going to be more beachy-themed and [players are] stuck on an island,” said Rally Organizer Sunny Gallo (‘23).

The Survivor Rally is a staple at Amador Valley as students always look forward to the interactive games and performances. However, as leadership has decided to remove performances from the rally, the topic has been debated among students.

“I know it’s a little controversial because we aren’t having performances but we wanted to have more audience participation in this one specifically because we did also just have a rally with a lot of performances. We love the performances. We just want to add a little more participation and have more games,” said Gallo.

Many students were shocked to hear the news that performances won’t be a part of the Survivor rally. The usual performers were stunned the most.

“I think it’ll be nice. I also wish I was performing, though, but I’ve only been able to watch one rally ever, so I think it’ll be fun to actually be able to sit in the crowd for once,” said Aanya Bhandari (‘25).

Though the audience looked forward to seeing the dancers and cheerleaders perform at the rally, Amador students are optimistic about the new changes.

“I like watching the dance teams perform but hopefully, since they’re not performing, the rally will be making up for that. I think it’s cool because we get to see the classes compete and it will have a lot of active participants,” said Harshita Keerthipati (‘25).

Despite the changes, students are eager to show school spirit, cheer on their classmates, and take part in some of the activities themselves at this Survivor Rally. 

“I heard there are some water events, so I’m looking forward to seeing the contestants get splashed on a sunny day,” said Keerthipati.