Students search for prizes in Easter Egg Hunt


Liane Ghazanfar

One hundred plastic Easter eggs were hidden around campus filled with candy and the potential for a grand prize.

Liane Ghazanfar, Staff Writer

With the Christian holiday Easter occurring just  this past Sunday, Leadership hosted their Easter Egg Hunt in the quad during lunch, a fun annual tradition that takes place around this holiday every spring. 

“For the egg hunt, we wanted to have an activity where we could get the whole school involved and thought of throwing in some big prizes which would be fun. We had 100 small eggs and three giant golden eggs for the winners. It took us almost three weeks to set everything up because of the number of eggs and the set up work” said Abby Hall (‘25).

Easter marks the end of Lent, a season of remembrance to honor the events that led to the death of Jesus. People who celebrate take this time to reflect on the sacrifices that were made and spend time with loved ones.

“I thought it was so fun and inspiring in a way. I felt it really brought [the student body] together in finding the special Easter bunny eggs. I found four eggs but I sadly didn’t win. I really wanted that golden egg so I could get the free pizza.” said Sydney Goldstein (‘25).

Easter is a time that is typically shared with friends and or family. Whether it’s through sharing a meal, exchanging gifts, or attending church services, it’s a time that allows connection with others. This is what gave leadership the idea of hosting this event when students arrived back from spring break.

“We also wanted to have something going on during the spring since we don’t really have anything going on. We also had to rehide all the eggs because everyone kept finding them before lunch and ruined the surprise.” said Hall.