Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs. California High

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  • #5 Brady Macisaac (’25) weaves through defenders with the ball.

  • #12 Ayush Ahuja (‘25) fights for the ball at midfield.

  • #11 Grant Thompson (‘24) keeps the ball away from his defender.

  • #2 Owen Heck (‘25) prepares for an incoming pass.

  • #3 Sebastian Diligent (‘24) fires a shot at goal.

  • #8 Dillon Duke (‘24) fights for possession of a loose ball.

  • #15 Drew Krekorian (‘26) races past his defenders.

  • Drew Krekorian looks for a potential target to pass the ball to.

  • #20 Braden O’Donnell (‘24) scoops up the ball at midfield.

  • Braden O’Donnell (‘24) chases after a defender to win back the ball.

  • Players follow the ball down the field.

  • Grant Thomas keeps the ball away from defenders and looks for a target to pass to.

  • #13 Maximus Quarneri (‘23) passes the ball to a teammate.

  • #6 Thomas Balesstreri (‘23) runs through defenders with the ball.

  • Braden O’Donnell dodges a defender to retain control of the ball.

  • Brady Macisaac pays close attention in his defensive effort.