Boys Varsity Tennis defeats Foothill in an exciting 6-3 victory

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  • Bryan Park (‘23), playing one singles, runs down the line before the match.

  • Minsung Kim (‘25), playing two singles, gets his teammates amped up before the match.

  • Minsung Kim makes contact with a powerful forehand in an early point.

  • Nigel Purvis (‘24), playing two doubles with Vikram Murali (‘23), reacts quickly to defend a forehand volley.

  • Vikram Murali tosses a ball to serve.

  • Roy Kim (‘23), playing one doubles with Anuraag Aravindan (‘23), sidesteps to block a forehand volley.

  • Anuraag Aravindan steps forward to drive a backhand.

  • Fann Jia (‘26), playing four singles, winds up a forehand from behind the baseline.

  • Minsung Kim steps up to hit a high-rising forehand.

  • Minsung Kim gets low and prepares to slice a backhand.

  • Abhiraj Jalagakar (‘24), playing three doubles with Aidan Doan (‘24), prepares to react to an opponent’s volley.

  • Aidan Doan tosses the ball up high to serve.

  • James Heeter (‘23), playing three singles, steps into a backhand.

  • Nigel Purvis hits a powerful forehand at the defending net player.

  • Stephen Gao (‘23), playing six singles, sets up for a backhand slice.

  • Fann Jia jumps to hit an inside-out forehand.

  • James Heeter steps into a forehand approach shot.

  • James Heeter leans back for a difficult overhead.

  • Bryan Park steps back to keep the ball in play.

  • Bryan Park tosses the ball up high for a serve.

  • Bryan Park focuses and gets low to return a difficult backhand volley.

  • After defeating his opponent 14-12 in the final set tiebreak, Bryan Park seals a 6-3 victory for the Dons in the last match of the day.