How Nowruz is celebrated all over the world


Liane Ghazanfar

Families celebrating Nowruz all over the world prepare beautiful cultural tables for the new spring blossoming.

Liane Ghazanfar

Nowruz, the Persian New year, is a celebration of new beginnings, hope, and renewal. It is a time for families and communities to come together, reflect on the past year, and set intentions for the year ahead. Celebrated by millions of people around the world, Nowruz is a vibrant and joyous holiday.

Nowruz is a holiday with roots in ancient Persia, dating back over 3,000 years. It marks the first day of spring and is celebrated by many people. Customs include cleaning the house, wearing new clothes, and sharing meals with loved ones.

“We set up a table with elements and ingredients that demonstrate different traits. For example, Persians purchase goldfish and add it to the table to represent “life” and on the day of Nowruz, we all get together and celebrate. It brings a sense of renewal in our lives and also gives a sense of hope for a better future and brings us all together as one whole community to share this lovely holiday,” said Shayna Zangeneh (‘25).

Nowruz is more than just a holiday. It’s a symbol of hope and renewal for many cultures. Whether it’s through having time for yourself or spending time with loved ones, the celebration of Nowruz is a reminder of the beauty of new beginnings. 

“From my perspective, Nowruz is a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the year ahead. It means the start of a new year and many opportunities to come ahead. We celebrate by spending time around each other and at the table and enjoying each other’s company and sharing the love. It’s a time to come together with family and friends, share delicious food, and celebrate the beauty of spring. Nowruz is a reminder to cherish the people and moments that bring joy to life,” said Atrin Rahimi (‘25).