AV Car Show competition showcases student automobiles


Ian Cha

Students lined their cars up in the front Santa Rita parking lot.

Ian Cha and Amogh Belgal

Last Friday, Amador Valley’s Leadership hosted the Car Show where students were able to show off their unique cars through a series of inspections and tests. 

“I participated in the car show because I really like cars and this is an opportunity to share my passion. Even though the turnout wasn’t great, I still got to see some people that like cars and that’s a win in my book,” said Daniel Cruz(‘24).

Originally, due to weather circumstances, this event was canceled. However, with the help of the leadership staff and the support from the administration, this event was planned and scheduled. 

“[The students in charge] need to fill out an event request form. Most events have some kind of money involved, so they’d have to request for a cash box at least two weeks in advance. Facilities would have to be reserved through our activities office.  If it’s an ASB or other leadership event, I would be involved in the approval process,” said AV Vice Principal Brendan Nelson. 

During the car show, students brought cars that have been handed down for generations, to nearly new vibrant sports cars.

“My car is a 1992 Volkswagen Vanigan and it’s been in my family since it’s new, basically. It was my great grandpa’s and it’s been passed down to us. We take the car camping with my family. We still take it to Del Valle sometimes when we can,” said Cruz.

Each car was scored based on overall design and looks, quality of engine, and the appeal to the car’s rev and honking. 

“A good way to get participation is with a prize, people like that. So today we had pizza for the winner. Working together and using time well in class is a big part of coming up with events like these,” said leadership member Tommy Balestreri(‘23).

With a significant part of Amador’s student body with a drivers permit or license, cars are becoming increasingly important in students’ day to day lives. They can use it as transportation, or just simply as a collectible to marvel at. 

“For many students, cars represent a part of their identity. A lot of kids see the car as an important part of American life, and some students see the car as a reflection of themselves,” said Nelson.