Drama students dress up as clowns for the day


Dhanush Gowda

Camden Nauroth (’24) strikes a comical pose in his clown makeup.

Dhanush Gowda, Staff Writer

The annual Amador musical is headed by a team of experienced students and dedicated teachers in the drama program who have an unwavering commitment to the production. In preparation for this musical, the drama program has added a new unit that has caught the attention of many studentsthe clown unit.

“We go on stage and perform as a clown. Basically we keep eye contact with the audience, and we’re not speaking. We’re doing improv scenes or musical acts, or impossible tasks. I enjoy it. It’s a very interesting unit and very different to what was offered in past years,” said Sophia Garcia (‘25).

The clown unit is a unique approach to teaching high school drama students the ways of acting. Being an innovative approach to teaching, it challenged students to adapt and explore new ways of expressing themselves, and being able to apply these skills into real life.

“Because it’s a creative discipline, I don’t feel my creativity is ever infringed upon. The challenge for me is what are the skills we should have if we were to graduate and work professionally in the business,” said Drama Teacher Kyle Johnston.

The clown unit was initially met with some skepticism from the students. Even as many students chuckled at the acts, the clowns kept their composure, showing that their dedication to the craft is no laughing matter.

“We learned different types of clown and the art of the clown, and then we got to create our own personal clown. I thought it was really fun after trying it, and it was a new addition to the drama program that I really ended up enjoying,” said Nadia Brown (‘24).