How are seniors getting their service hours?


Tejasvini Ramesh

One of the most common ways for students to get community service hours done is through non-profit clubs like AV Red Cross.

Tejasvini Ramesh

In order to graduate, Amador seniors need to fulfill PUSD’s 20-hour community service requirement by April 14th. Although most seniors are aware of traditional options like charity work, there are many other engaging ways students can give back to their community while getting the hours they need to graduate. 

“I volunteered at a local language school and I was a teacher’s assistant helping out the students with reading and writing,” said Keerthi Nalabotu (’23)

Although community service can be acquired in many ways, it’s often difficult for seniors with packed schedules. Between balancing college applications, AP classes, and other extracurriculars, finding time to fulfill service hours can be a challenge in itself. 

“Some challenges I experienced in trying to get service hours would be the limited schedule I have and the complicated process in getting the hours approved,” said Joline Siu (’23). 

To work around their packed schedules, seniors have started utilizing on-campus activities to get their hours. For example, AVHS Red Cross offers volunteer hours for students who participate in lunch meetings and fundraisers. 

“Seniors can receive service hours for the Red Cross by creating an account on Volunteer Connection, the official website used by the Red Cross, which tracks volunteer hours and lists upcoming events available [for hours]. Seniors can also attend any of our meetings and our advisor will sign their form,” said AV Red Cross President Sara Vannoni (‘23).  

While getting 20 hours for graduation may seem like a daunting task, there are options for students with different interests, needs, and circumstances. All forms of community service are welcome as long as they are on the pre-approved list, but AVHS admin can also pre-approve other activities upon request.  

“Many students at Amador are privileged enough to have education, food, good health, and other resources available, and it is easy to forget that not everyone has access to these things. Giving back to the community and sharing resources with those who lack them reminds us to be more considerate and respectful. Community service not only spreads hope and kindness, but can save lives,” said Vannoni

For more information about deadlines and requirements, see Amador’s senior hours site.