Friends of the Pleasanton Public Library hosts Superbook sale during Super Bowl weekend


Gigi Zhang

Pleasanton Library’s Superbook sale took place from Thursday, February 9 to Sunday, February 12.

Gigi Zhang, AVtv Segments Editor

On Sunday, February 12, many fans gathered to celebrate with parties for the annual Super Bowl. That same weekend, Pleasanton Public Library and Friends of the Pleasanton Library hosted an alternative activity for book lovers — Superbook Weekend book sale. 

“I know some of my friends really [look forward to] coming here for the book sale. And I enjoy the event overall as both a volunteer and just as a reader,” said Caroline Jubiel, student at Pleasanton Middle School. 

The Pleasanton working staff provide the space for the Friends of the Pleasanton Library to set up the event. Books at the sale were all year-long donations from the local community. Kate Roush, the Friends of the Library book sale coordinator, and her team collected the books and organized them for the sale. 

“Everything comes from the community. We get the books from community donations, too. People just donate to the library and we try to find a home for as many as they can. Sometimes, though, we can’t,” said Roush

At the book sales, there are many volunteers who help set up and clean up the event room. These volunteers may include adults and middle or highschoolers needing volunteer hours.

“I’m in the National Girls Charity League at my school, so I try to participate in the community often. I just came here today to help and do whatever job [the coordinator] tells me to,” said Jubiel. 

The Friends of the Library hosted the books sale at three different places: online, at the library, and at the semiannual weekend-long book sales. This year’s Superbook sale ran from Thursday, February 9 to Sunday February 12. 

“A lot of people come to these sales. We started on Thursday and the room filled really quickly. People look forward to these sales. During Covid, we couldn’t accept donations, when we started collecting donations again everyone was so excited,” said Roush

The money earned from the event goes back to the community. Some people make donations without purchasing books, but most of the money comes from the book sales. 

“What we do with this money is we support a lot of programs that the library needs. Usually ones that don’t fit into their budget. About 40k dollars a year is [earned and used] toward the library’s programs,” said Roush.