From Pleasanton to Detroit: Hunter Selkow (’25) creates Selkow Athletic Foundation


Tejasvini Ramesh

Hunter Selkow (’25) has been playing ice hockey since he was three years old, using his passion for the sport to fuel a social cause. (Photo provided by Hunter Selkow)

Playing ice hockey since he was just three years old, Hunter Selkow (‘25) is no stranger to the rink. 

With over a decade of experience, including recruitment to elite programs, Selkow has built an extensive resumé thanks to his passion for the sport — a passion that turned hockey into much more than a hobby. 

“My mom was a role model for me–she was a figure skater, so [ice skating] was one way I could spend time with her. She put me in hockey, and I fell in love since,” said Selkow

The Selkow Athletic Foundation

Selkow’s hockey career has brought him to numerous cities in North America, but it was a trip to Detroit that changed everything for him. 

The Selkow Athletic Foundation has partnered with many rinks to donate equipment.

“I volunteered at a rink in Detroit, but the rink ran out of donations from people. The conditions became pretty bad: some kids couldn’t [afford] to play at all, and others couldn’t afford to keep playing if they were loaned gear,” said Selkow

The scene deeply bothered Selkow–he could only watch as children with his same burning passion for hockey were rendered unable to play. 

“[The kids] couldn’t play but had potential. I wanted to help them,” said Selkow

So, he brought his love for hockey beyond the rink, and the Selkow Athletic Foundation was born. 

Branching Out

Selkow began his effort with a self-designed website. With help from family and friends, the foundation received donations of all kinds of hockey gear, ranging from helmets to ice skates. The equipment was then sent to the foundation’s partnered rinks. 

“The first rink we donated to was the Detroit Hub, the same rink that inspired me to do all of this. Over time, we started donating to a couple of other rinks as well,” said Selkow

As operations grew, so did the foundation’s crew, with Caleb Hong (‘25), Maria Zhang (‘25), and Noah Wong (‘25) joining as administration, communication, and finance managers respectively. 

“I focused on communications, so I performed outreach and expanded the foundation. I also facilitated the logistics needed to transport the equipment we donated,” said Zhang. 

Taking advantage of this increase in foundation resources, the Selkow Athletic Foundation ramped up its efforts. As a team, they increased fundraisers and donated more than ever before. 

What’s Next?

To further promote the foundation and the local community, Selkow began making educational videos on YouTube, uploading and streaming live to help students with their school classes. From reviewing themes in Romeo and Juliet to studying derivatives, the Selkow Athletic Foundation team did it all. 

“It turned into a campaign to just help in any way we could, all while spreading awareness for our foundation,” said Zhang

Selkow’s original plan for the foundation spanned two years: one for planning, and another for executing. Although the organization temporarily halted operations in late 2022, Selkow and his team received and donated $15,000 worth of hockey equipment to date. 

“We have yielded results that [we] could only have dreamed of thanks to everyone who helped. Don’t worry, though. Job is not finished,” said Selkow