Photo story: Japanese classes host Japanese fall festival

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  • Teachers and students at Amador put together a Japanese Fall Festival filled with food and activities related to Japanese culture on Dec. 2. Students won free cotton candy after completing all the activities provided at the fair.

  • The activities provided at the Japanese Fall Festival drew students to each table to try at their skills at origami, and painting Japanese symbols, among others.

  • Ramen was sold at the festival to support and raise money for the program. This was a popular selling point to students, which encouraged more to attend.

  • Students in the Japanese classes banded together to create an exciting array of activities to raise money for the program. Both parents and students got to manage the money they raised.

  • The Amador choir sang a recently learned song that captivated festival participants.

  • Students could try folding different origami patterns or learn how to write calligraphy with brushes and ink.

  • This year’s festival was a collaboration between all Japanese classes. Students squeezed in whatever time they could to help finish the preparations.

  • Several games were set up for the festival, with prizes waiting at the end of each activity.