Pleasanton Unified School District’s Measure I bond on track to fail


Arlina Yang

Pleasanton Unified’s potential improvements at Amador failed at the ballot box.

On Tuesday, not enough Pleasanton residents voted yes on Measure I, which increases funding for education facilities, including physical education spaces. Missing its mark by less than three percent, Measure I failed. 

“Generally, I think I am happy with what the gym is right now. I don’t really trust the school with funds anyways, so I would have voted no. I’m going to be graduating, so it doesn’t affect me too much,” said Lucas Zhong (‘23)

Measure I proposes a potential new theater in front of Amador Valley High School and a new gym, among other changes that affect Amador directly. It would increase property taxes by $49 per $100,000 of valuation. However, only 52.79% of voters voted yes when 55% was needed, resulting in a failed vote. 

“This community is affluent, yet our school does not properly reflect this. Half of our technology is outdated, and many buildings seem to be under constant threat of falling apart, including the gym. Amador Valley is known for high-quality education and sports, yet our school does not properly reflect this, especially when compared to other schools around the Bay Area. We do not give a proper reflection of what Amador Valley can provide, so I support Measure I,” said Ayush Gupta (‘24)

The last bond measure that Pleasanton approved was in 2016. It funded new science buildings in Pleasanton schools, including at Amador. New bond measures for elections must be finalized with Alameda County before Aug. 12, yet debates around funding have continued for longer.