Horror in Words: A series of spooky short stories

It’s Halloween season once again! Join AVRadio in listening to some of the spookiest short stories of the season tonight. Make sure to have the lights on!










How He Left the Hotel by Louisa Baldwin

Narrated by Nadya Carreira

An army veteran takes a job running the lift in a hotel. One night, a man steps onto the elevator at a time that is completely out of character. The ex-army veteran is puzzled, but does his job and takes him down to the ground floor…only to learn a horrifying truth minutes later.


The Specter Bride by William Harrison Ainsworth

Narrated by Diana Shwarz

A peasant girl pines for her distant fiancé and prays to the Virgin Mary for his return, but a demonic specter takes the form of her lover and leads her on a frenzied race toward her damnation.


The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Narrated by Sydney Queen

An unnamed narrator tries to convince the reader of his sanity while simultaneously describing a murder he committed.


A Baby Tramp by Ambrose Bierce

Narrated by Javier 

A young boy is sent away to be protected from both the strange occurrences in his childhood town, Blackburg, and from the curse that lays upon his family.

Music Credit: I Walk With Ghosts by Scott Buckley (CC BY 4.0) www.scottbuckley.com.au; Music promoted by www.chosic.com


The Wendigo by Alvin Schwartz

Narrated by Parth Mishra

An avid hunter hires a guide to lead him through the unknown wilderness, but soon the chilling wind arrives, and the forest begins to reveal its darkest secrets…


The Tale of the Bloody Mary

Narrated by Ritika Ghosh

Remember that silly ritual where yelling “Bloody Mary” at the mirror three times in the dead of the night would summon the malevolent spirit of the deceased woman behind you? Well, what if that was true?