Tri-Valley College and Career fair in Livermore


Jocelyn Hsu

More than 100 colleges participated in the Tri-Valley College and Career fair taking place at Granada High School to answer any questions students might have,

The 2022 Tri-Valley College and Career fair took place at Livermore Granada High School on October 24th, welcoming all high school students from the bay area to visit. More than a hundred college representatives introduced diverse programs to the event.

“TIn terms of the students out here at Livermore Granada, there are some of the most talented students. Especially for individuals wanting to come in for business or psychology and sciences, that’s where we see a lot of students coming in from. Our program seems to be such a right fit for them and encourages more to join our program,” said Carlos Leyva, Senior Admission Counselor at Chapman University.

Universities of California

College representatives traveled to Livermore from all over the country to inspire and encourage talented students to apply to the college they introduced when coming close to college application season. 

“For the University of San Diego, a lot of students came from California and all over the world. We always wish to expand our student population and diversity. So that’s why we’re up here to make sure high achieving and excited students get to know us,” said Katie Engoe, Senior Admission Counselor of University California of San Diego. 

Many famous and competitive California Universities also attended the fair to show why they are the best choice for students. 

“We have a very esteemed business program, currently ranked #6 in California. And engineering is always ranked top 15-20 in California. We also have the number one beautiful campus around the nation, very inspiring,” said Engoe. 

Other than academic universities, California College of Arts focuses mainly on arts and design and introduces programs for students who wish to pursue an art major. 

“What helps us differ from other colleges is that we are purely a design school. We provide animation, architecture, film, and illustration programs, giving the student the opportunity to live and work in a creative environment. Students applying to our school should provide a portfolio because we look more for their potential instead of being perfect at the moment,’’ said Annie Huang, California College of Arts Representative.

Alternative Pathways

Simply going to college after high school is definitely not the only pathway. Representatives from the U.S. military introduced the uniqueness and benefits that came along with serving in the U.S. military. 

“We are one of the military branches here, we are the department of security, serving the life-saving service. We are looking forward to seeing students who want to serve in the military and have some adventure and experiences outside of school. If you are involved in military services, we provide tuition assistance which the coast guard pays for your college tuition while you serve,” said Christin Lopez, Representative of U.S. Coast Guard. 

Many concerned parents decided to attend Tri-Valley College and Career fair with their children in order to get more information about what their future might look like. 

“I’m here with my junior daughter, we wanted to visit multiple schools to see what’s available out there. I’m really excited that so many schools came and made students feel very welcome,” said Jackie Pratt, Parent of Granada High School Students. 

Younger Students

Sophomore students also attend college and career fairs to get a head start on seeing what colleges they might be applying to in the future. 

“My parents are crazy about me getting into colleges, they are concerned about it. This fair really answers my questions that I have towards the future and I get to know a lot of different colleges,” said Ridha Awasthi (‘25), a student at Granada High School.

Even though most students tend to aim high, finding the best-fitting universities is always one of the most important criteria when making decisions.

“If there is a device I can give any student a plan to apply for different colleges in their senior year, it would be to not lose yourself, always to keep your unique self, you shouldn’t feel like you have to change to appeal to a specific school or fit into a crowd at universities. If you have to, that university is probably not the right fit for you,” said Leyva