The Pleasanton Unified School District office is moving: Why?

The future district office will be located at 5758 and 5794 West Las Positas Blvd.

Sydney Queen

The future district office will be located at 5758 and 5794 West Las Positas Blvd.

Sydney Queen, Staff Writer

After years of buildup, the PUSD District Office is officially moving from its location on Bernal Avenue to a business park just off West Las Positas Blvd. 

The old building had become outdated, and increasing concerns with ADA violations prompted Assistant Superintendent Ahmed Sheikholeslami to begin searching for a new place.

“What we have, we’re so scattered at the District Office. The departments are just not in good shape. It’s like an old house that certainly served its purpose and did well, and now it’s time to move forward,” said Steve Maher, VP of the PUSD Board of Trustees.

On May 12th of this year, the Board voted 4-1 in favor of moving the District Office. Trustee Kelly Mokashi held reservations about the rushed nature and financial implications of such a plan, but she has seemingly since come around.

“Everybody I’ve spoken to really is in favor of it because of the deal we got on it. We got a really good price, and because of COVID the place was vacant for a while. . .they wanted to sell it, and the price was right,” said Maher.

ECI Four Arroyo LLC sold the property for 23 million-while the old Arroyo Center roughly can sell for 30 million, meaning a 7 million dollar profit. (Sydney Queen)
Located farther away from Downtown Pleasanton, the Hacienda business center has much better access. (Sydney Queen)

Budget and profit

The building was purchased by the district for $23.48 million in July. They plan to keep about three acres of the previous property and sell the rest for an estimated $31-34 million.

“Again, when you look at the old district office it’s in such bad shape — air conditioning, rooms, everything. It’s time we move and then tear that building down,” said Maher.

The new space in Hacienda Business Park is home to another tenant, a multi-billion dollar computer company that is staying on a five-year lease. They will be paying rent to PUSD while working in a separate building within the complex.

“.When you realize that ⅔ of the money, of our monthly payment, is coming from another renter. . .No brainer, really,” said Maher.

Benefits and improvements

One of the main concerns about the previous space was how spread out everything was, which hurt the efficiency of the admin who worked there.

“We have different departments all over the complex. There’s Village to the right, there’s other programs up on the hill, there’s our special ed department in one area, business is way at the other end. It’s all disjointed,” said Maher.

The new facility will provide the district with numerous benefits, including consolidation of services and greater space for events and day-to-day operations.

“And, it will look much nicer. It’s not the Taj Mahal by any means, but it certainly looks much nicer, and there will be a lot more room in the board room so when we have large gatherings we can accommodate all that,” said Maher.

Progress on the move has been rapid these past couple of months, and the Board and other admins are optimistic about the future of the new District Office.

“We hope to move in there after the first of the year, sometime after that,” said Maher.