College Visits Introduce More Options to Seniors at Amador


Jocelyn Hsu

José Villalobos, Admissions Counselor at Washington State University introduces the available programs to students who are interested.

Admission counselors from Washington State University and Harvey Mudd College came to visit students at Amador offering college program information on Wednesday, Sept. 28. 

“We wanted college visits to take place on campus so that students have access to them. Not every student can go to Washington state. So we bring representatives here so students have better access to them,” said Janice Wilson, AV College and Career Specialist. 

College visits can guide students, especially seniors, to discover new pathways and more options as college applications loom closer. 

“Seniors are our target group, because they are the ones that are gonna be filling in the application in the next month or so,” said Wilson. 

The college visits allow students to look more into the programs provided rather than focus on the prestige of the college when making college choices.

“Whatever college comes in, I just ask them like what programs they have for people that are interested in biomedical sciences. When I look for colleges, I focus more on if they have good pre-med programs, because that’s what I’m trying to do in the future,” said Mark Attia (‘23).

The Amador administration provided certain amounts of spots for colleges to sign up to visit. This brings both students and the colleges an opportunity to connect. 

“The colleges provide me with information I need. I think this is a very nice opportunity for students to get to know more colleges,” said Joe Dai (‘23).

Each of the two colleges have the opportunity to display their uniqueness to students. Harvey Mudd college mainly provides science and computer programs, while Washington State University introduces incoming freshmen to a special college society.  

“Students should apply to the schools that they think are a good fit for them in terms of careers they would like to pursue. I think what makes Washington State special is that Washington State provides a true college town experience. Student culture depends on students creating it,” said Washington State admissions counselor José Villalobos.

More information about the next college visit on Wednesday, Oct. 5, can be found on the Amador College and Career Center website