Minimum wage workers shortage in Pleasanton


Lexiss Quade Marajas

The minimum wage worker shortage is apparent in most Pleasanton establishments. Hiring advertisements signs are popping up throughout the city.

Minimum wage workers shortage in Pleasanton

Pleasanton is suffering from an unemployment problem and as a result, many jobs are urgently looking for employees. This issue is the result of students taking jobs outside of town due to Pleasanton workplaces’ high expectations and hiring standards. 

“It’s too hard to try and actually find a job in Pleasanton. I’ve tried multiple places before and I’ve either haven’t gotten an answer and they declined me” said Riley Young (‘24), a Pleasanton Safeway part-time employee. 

Unemployment in Pleasanton is a huge issue in the city because the lack of employees means a lack of management in the store. 

“I think the unemployment rate being really high is bad and I’ve seen a lot of help wanted posters and not a lot of [employees].” said Livermore Gap part-timer Ativ Asarawala (‘24)

There are a variety of factors that can result from unemployment in Pleasanton, such as the lack of morale in the workplace and the lack of motivation to go to work. 

“If the environment inside our stores doesn’t feel great for people who are already working minimum wage and are already minors that are going to school, then they’re more likely to either not be in store and not have a great time in the store and not tell their friends to work with us,” said Plato’s Closet assistant manager, Leane Castro. 

The competitive environment in Pleasanton’s hiring process is a dissuasion for people who want to be hired. Therefore, many people are searching for jobs in places such as Livermore, where the environment is less pressure. 

“Mostly all the slots were full so I don’t think there was an issue of unemployment. There were plenty of employees in my store.”  said Asarwala (‘24).

The results of the unemployment in Pleasanton can increase the pressure on the managers as well. Days can become more stressful as there is little management in the establishments. 

“It’s definitely more difficult when we don’t have enough employees in one day. If we don’t have enough coverage there might be an instance where some of us don’t get our breaks or have to take a really early lunch,” said Castro.