News briefs: Amador conducts fire drill, shifts bell schedule


Olivia Vukman

Students file out their classrooms behind their teachers, each holding a class sign.

Olivia Vukman, AVTV Segments Editor

Amador students practiced the first fire drill of the 2022-23 school year today between fourth period and lunch. The bell schedule was changed in accordance with the drill, shortening each period from 57 to 51 minutes and pushing lunch back from 12:44 P.M. to 12:56 P.M.

Each classroom on campus has to evacuate and line up in order on the football field, according to drill protocol. 

“We have fire drills because they prepare us in case of an emergency so no one freaks out,” said Laura Nussbaum (‘23)

After taking attendance, most students were social with friends. Many students wore their football jerseys, cheer uniforms, and Don Deckout spiritwear in anticipation of the Pigskin event and football game tonight. 

“I like when fire drills are on Fridays, especially when there’s a game the same day, because the day just feels shorter and more fun,” said Nussbaum.

For some students, however, the heat on the field this afternoon bothered them. 

“The only downside to the shortened periods today is it’s so hot out here,” said James Obert (‘23).