Teenagers head back to the gym


Joseph Chiu

Students have been enthusiastic about going back to the gym. As school work piles up, working out is a beneficial activity for teens to engage in.

Joseph Chiu and Lexiss Quade Marajas

Over the last few years, many teenagers have been returning to gyms and working out for their respective purposes. Going to the gym has been a common approach for students to manage the built-up stress from school and academics. Additionally, student athletes continue to prepare for the upcoming athletic season both mentally and physically at the gym.

Working out can aid in self-confidence and allows gym-goers to feel positive about themselves. According to MedlinePlus, working out can improve one’s mental health and mood. This encourages students to focus on their bodies and activities unrelated to school. 

“I feel good [at the gym] and I like looking at myself after the workout. I work out for football [so] I just want to get bigger and work out my body,” said football player Kurtis Thomsen (‘24).

Sports are physically demanding and require a great amount of time and effort to play. As a result, students focus on rising above the standards to play at the best of their abilities.

“I compete in powerlifting [so] that is why I work out… I go to Fitness 19 six days a week and two hours a day,” said Samuel Mah (‘23).

Students enjoy Pleasanton gyms’ proximity to Amador and the overall price of memberships. Fitness 19 is only 2.4 miles from Amador and costs $14.99 a month. The convenience of local gyms encourages students to work out consistently at a steady rate.

“The gym I go to is Fitness 19… On Monday, I [work on] chest, shoulders, [and] triceps [for push day]. On Tuesday, it’s pull [day] which is the back and biceps. On Wednesday, I do legs. I repeat that until Sunday, which is a rest day,” said Thomsen.

Students want to have a good time in the gym. Research from MedlinePlus states that working out can help remove negative emotions, improve an individual’s learning or judgment skills, and reduce the risk of disease.

“[Students should] go to the gym and keep their bodies in shape [to] keep heart disease levels low… I work out because I feel the need to keep my body in shape,” said track athlete Daniel Beckley (‘23).