Boys Volleyball wraps up a surprisingly successful season



Coaches Arin McFall Ross Yu with the varsity team.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

Boys Volleyball had a great season this year, with a big win in EBALs and a close loss in a tight game during NCS. When the team won EBALs they were officially ranked number one in the league. Unfortunately their victory streak was put to an end by College Park in a 3-1 NCS game. 

“It was a really good game, we were very well matched I think, but sadly we lost. It was four sets and was 3-1. First set was 29-27, a close game. Then we went to states as a division 2 team and we went to the semi-finals and lost to Woodcreek sadly, all the way in Sacramento.” said Dylan Boswell (‘22).

Despite their NCS loss, everyone can agree that this season was a success. What’s surprising is that the players didn’t even expect to perform as well this year as in past years. Some stand-out players graduated in 2021, but new talent stepped up to bring the team victory this year.

“We had pretty low expectations going into this year because last year we had this 6′ 9″ guy who committed to Stanford and this year we were expecting to be not as good, but this year we got this really good freshman Max Rider, and he was really good for us. And we still have Nate Clinton, who was insanely good, he was MVP of the league.” said Boswell.

Max Rider (‘23) made himself stand out among the rest by working hard this season and earning the Player of the Year title.

“I earned EBAL player of the year. It’s given out to a player in our league and I was pretty happy to win the award since there are a lot of good players in the league.” said Rider.

 Even with a victory in EBALs Rider believes his team has the potential to do even better. 

“I think we could have played a little better in the last few games, but overall we were pretty consistent throughout the season and definitely improved a lot. Overall we earned third in NorCal Division 2 which is pretty much eleventh in Norcal.” said Rider.

While the team did have a number of skilled players, the real key to success in volleyball is teamwork. Luckily, these boys are more than just teammates, they’re a group of friends. 

“I actually liked all of the players on the team and we were pretty close. For the first couple weeks of the season we would go to one of our teammates’ houses every Friday and it was pretty nice.” said Boswell.