Scotty Garman (’23) and his record breaking dive season


Scotty Garman

Scotty Garman (’22) taking a dive with perfect form at the Amador pool.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

Scotty Garman (‘23) has been bringing pride to the Amador name by shattering dive records at both EBALs and NCS. At the recent NCS championship Garman earned himself a gold medal with a score of 544.25, 105 points more than the second place score. 

“It feels pretty good, I found out I broke the Amador record, which is good. At leagues I had a way higher score than NCS and that was like the best score I’ve ever gotten so it was pretty exciting.” said Garman.

At EBALs, Garman scored a 594.25, an incredibly high score which is no surprise to anybody considering the years of hard work Garman has put into his dives. 

“It’s just because I’ve been diving so long and I have a lot more practice than anybody else I was competing against so I can do a lot harder dives which I’ve practiced a lot. Just doing them well gets me really high scores,” said Garman.

Garman started diving for Amador when he was a freshman. He’s always been a stand-out athlete among the team, but this year has been his greatest yet. He was able to break his own school record four times within the span of one season. 

“This season was really really good for high school at least. I didn’t really expect to get the scores I did but I definitely put in a lot of hard work and I saw it pay off this season.” said Garman.

Garman’s success hasn’t only come from raw talent, but years of hard work and dedication. He’s been diving since the age of 8 and has broken many records since he started competition diving.

“I started diving when I was seven years old, so nine years. It was definitely a progression. When I started out I couldn’t do anything and I just had to work my way up.” said Garman.

All the greats start their journey with some inspiration. Like many athletes who started young, Garman was motivated to get into the sport of diving by watching olympic divers as a kid.

“The Olympics are a little out of reach now but yeah that was definitely my goal when I was little. Caligic diving is definitely the end goal for me, as long as I get to D1 that would be great.” said Garman.

Goals like caligic diving aren’t achieved easily, but Garman is willing to put in the work to make it happen. He doesn’t limit his dive practice to just the Amador seasons, but devotes himself to the sport year around.

“I dive club as well in San Jose so that season is kind of ramping up right now so I’ll have another two meets this summer and those are pretty big but for high school I’ll just like to keep training in the off season and hopefully come back next year and do better at states.” said Garman.