An overview of the AV Lip Dub


Stephanie Kamali

The lacrosse team prepares to smile and wave as the camera flies by to record all activities at Amador.

Sofia Skinner and Lucy Taylor

This week, Amador prepares to film the 2022 AV Lip Dub, a tradition that began in the early 2000s that features every club, sports team, and school-affiliated program at Amador. A camera walks through the entire school and films students lip-syncing to a song playing in the background. 

“My sister was in the Lip Dub when she was a junior and she said it was a lot of fun to see everybody together with so much spirit,” said Jordyn Scanlon (‘23).

Students dress up as they please and mostly wear purple and gold to show their Amador spirit. They also dress for the group they are gathered with, like Amador athletes wearing their jerseys. The Lip Dub is filmed and posted on YouTube allowing students to watch their creation. 

“Every single student comes decked out and prepared. Everyone is also super excited to be in it and there is a ton of energy like when were filming,” said Leadership student and Lip Dub team member, Logan Bayani (‘22).

As far as the songs go there is a process to choosing the perfect soundtrack. The songs must be clean and school-appropriate so the Lip Dub planning committee spends time searching for the perfect music. 

“The song selection works by the Lip Dub team coming together and looking through the playlists of some of the top hits from the past few decades. Then, we choose songs that we think the student body would like the most. After that we send the songs off to the committee so they can approve them, then they’ll be in the final edit,” said Leadership student and Lip Dub team member, Grace MacNeil (‘22).

This quadrennial event is so memorable because it allows everyone to come together and continue the beloved Amador tradition as a whole. Allowing people to represent themselves freely contributes to the high energy and excitement making this community bonding monumental.