Students honor teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week


Karissa Yeung

A positive message is creatively displayed on the front lawn to express appreciation for staff at Amador.

Karissa Yeung, Senior Staff Writer

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, a national holiday that is celebrated all over the country. At Amador, students expressed their gratitude by writing handwritten, personalized messages and much more.

“It’s really important to acknowledge [our teachers] because they do so much and a lot of it goes unseen. They work so hard and a lot of students don’t see or acknowledge it. The purpose of [celebrating teachers this week] and focusing on everything they do is to express our gratitude because they do so much for us,” said Brooke Inman (‘22).

Students often see teachers giving lectures during class but do not see all the work put into lessons behind the scenes. Some of this includes the many hours teachers dedicate making their curriculum, tests, and projects.

“After every class, I at least try to say ‘thank you’ or something encouraging. I understand that a lot of students may just simply see a teacher giving a lecture and I try to appreciate the fact that they put together these lectures and lesson plans,” said Runab Dixit (‘24).

Throughout the week, leadership prepared various arrangements for teachers. These acts of kindness varied in different levels, ranging from smaller acts to larger acts.

“On Monday, [leadership] put donuts, coffee, and orange juice in the teacher’s lounges. [Hopefully], the teachers felt appreciated in a small way. On Tuesday, we arranged a post-it wall [in the office] with appreciation and gratitude notes for all our teachers. On Thursday, we did a teacher room service, where there were door tags that every teacher got. They filled out a snack and a drink they wanted and we would come and drop it off for them to make their day better,” said Inman.

Although substitutes are not primary teachers, they work hard throughout the school year to make sure students at Amador are receiving the best education by filling in for teachers when they are absent. Even though they aren’t on campus everyday their work goes a long way. 

“[Students] come and compliment me and say that I’m the coolest substitute. Even if I’m not their substitute,  they wave at me and greet me with a smile. That’s a big compliment and even if I’m not their regular teacher they still remember me and want me back in their classroom as a substitute,” said Tejinder Kaur, substitute teacher for Pleasanton Unified School District.

Thank you to all of our amazing Amador teachers for the continuous support you dedicate to our community!