Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing class welcomes guest speaker Veena Harbaugh


Krithika Subramaniam

Nancy McDonald and Veena Harbaugh join forces to give the business classes opportunities to shine light on the many different careers awaiting them.

Krithika Subramaniam, Staff Writer

The Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing class has been gifted with the liberty of meeting real world entrepreneurs year-round in their very own classroom. They had their most recent presentation from Veena Harbaugh who is a sustainability manager from Sendle.

Though Harbaugh was hesitant on sharing her life and how she landed a job at Sendle to high schoolers, she thought about the advice she would’ve needed as a high schooler and felt empowered to voice her story to the students at Amador. 

“At first I was very impressed that entrepreneurship and marketing classes were offered at high school and that students are already interested in these career fields. I also talk to college students about sustainability and I thought why not share my story to an even younger audience to help guide them check out other career fields,” said Harbaugh.

The business presentations started off as a questionable process for Mrs. McDonald and her class at first, but after seeing the impact every presentation had on her students she embedded it into her schedule weekly.

“I thought about bringing guest speakers to shed some light into all the different careers out there that are not always focused on by parents and that you don’t have to figure out everything in high school to be successful in a career. Every guest speaker that came here was guiding, helpful, passionate and very honest so that students know to pick a job for likes rather than for the money aspect,” said Nancy McDonald.

As high schoolers, many students worry about their future and their life outside of Amador. With the occasional guest speakers, students feel a sense of reassurance and have also been introduced to careers they didn’t know existed prior to the entrepreneurs visit.

“I really enjoy the presentations from the business class, it gives you an insight to the real world and a feeling that you aren’t alone in your struggles. I have also been shown so many new careers that I might want to venture into in the future,” said Keerthi Nalabotu (‘23).