Earth Day at Amador: how does AV celebrate it?


Parker Brown

The garden behind Mrs. Kawashima’s classroom is in full bloom and continues to grow every day with lettuce, flowers, etc.

Parker Brown and Sofia Skinner

Earth Day is on April 22, and Amador students ensure to celebrate the day with keeping the Earth clean and honoring the nature around them.

“Some great things you can do on Earth Day and every day would just be to walk to school for example, or go for a hike, bike or carpool to school, just reducing in that way would be great. Also just investing in reusable items instead of plastic like bags and water bottles,” said Tasha Laberge (‘22).

There are many clubs available on campus that are involved in helping the Pleasanton and Amador Valley community. Local Leaders Club helps set up days and projects where students can help clean up the school, inform students about pollution, and create ways students can help their environment to better the world around them.

“Climate change and the environment, in general, is a problem that is impacting us a lot now, if students don’t take charge then there’s not really going to be anything that we can do in the future once we’re adults so it’s really up in our hands to make sure that our future is secure,” said Local Leader’s Staff Aditi Karthik (‘23).

Alongside clubs, Leadership is creating a full week that is targeted towards helping out the Earth. Including spirit days and possible activities for all students to participate in, Leadership is informing others about the importance of keeping our environment clean.  

“Leadership is planning a spirit week in which there will be fun spirit days to participate in for students and we’re going to try some activities like possibly planting a tree,” said Leadership student, Evan Lucero (‘23).

With the help of Earth Week, students will now be able to change some common routines in their everyday life to better their carbon footprint and reduce pollution. Walking/biking/carpooling to school and wasting less water are all great ways to help. Recycling waste is an easy way as well to do on campus that helps our environment and our janitors. 

“I’m going to be more cautious about my water usage, like not having the sink running while I brush my teeth, and I’m going to stop using plastic bags in my lunch at school and start using reusable containers instead,” said Aubrie Asbery (‘23).