10 Minutes with Mr. Amador 2022

Mr. Amador, a male beauty pageant raising money for the George Mark’s Children House, has finally concluded, but Amador isn’t done with the boys yet. Watch a series of short, fun interviews of all the Mr. Amador boys, hosted by Imogen Rogers and your very own Mr. Jersey Shore, Matt Carter!










 Mr. Real Housewives and Mr. Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

In this episode, Matt and Imogen interview juniors Rithwik Shah (Mr. Real Housewives) and Evan Grell (Mr. Keeping Up With The Kardashians) on topics ranging from their favorite colors on the rainbow, to their concerns being nominated for Mr. Amador, to even a brief conversation on their preference between hot wheels and blue socks!


Mr. Hell’s Kitchen and Mr. America’s Next Top Model!

Aditya Policepatil (’22) and Gus Shiblaq (’24) talk about how they joined the Mr. Amador program, being stranded on an island, and…which of the boys they’d let their future daughter date?