UC Merced representatives visit Amador


Karissa Yeung

Students were able to learn more about what UC Merced has to offer by looking at pamphlets and speaking with a college representative from the school.

On April 20th, a representative from the University of California Merced (UC Merced) visited Amador to share more about the college, the programs it offers, research opportunities available and what student life is like. 

“I was motivating and encouraging students to consider our campus as a UC, being that we are the newest UC in the system. I hope [students] take away a better awareness of who we are. There is a misconception about UC Merced being the newest campus [and] that it is the easiest [UC] to get into,” said Timothy Ford, Northern California Admissions Advisor at UC Merced.

Compared to other UC campuses, Merced is a smaller institution. There are many positive aspects to attending a smaller school, such as establishing a close-knit community with  peers and gaining personalized attention from professors and classmates.

“I loved the size of the campus and the way everyone felt like an individual rather than another number. Everything is so personal at UC Merced. That’s not an experience I would have gotten at a larger university, said Adrian Nuñez, a UC Merced alumni.

One unique feature of UC Merced is that the campus is located relatively near Yosemite National Park. It has a partnership with the national park, where the school offers opportunities for students interested in environmental issues such as the English department studies theater, and the Shakespeare in Yosemite environmental justice program. 

“[UC Merced] has a lot of options and a lot of research opportunities because it’s pretty new. It was cool to get a lot of information from someone working at Merced,” said Rathul Anand (’23).

Alumni from UC Merced have gained many important skills that they are able to implement into their daily lives and careers. 

“UC Merced gave me an opportunity to write the story I wanted and plant proper seeds for my future. At UC Merced, I had the opportunity to nourish skill sets and gain professional experience in a safe space,” said Shavone Charles, a UC Merced alumna.