The 35th Women’s History Month: How Far We Have Come, and How Much Further We Need To Go

Since the establishment of Women’s History Month in 1987, the month of march has symbolized the long, rich history of women’s struggles and victories in the historically patriarchal human society. In this podcast, AVRadio discusses major gender issues concerning today’s society through interviewing women in various positions, uncovering rare knowledge through their unique perspectives.









 Women as Role Models

Following years of subservience under the patriarchal society of men, women are finally able to exercise their right to act as role models to the youth in broad daylight. However, while the concept of sexism was outlawed way back in the 60’s, it is still instilled within the beliefs and temperament of countless men around the world. That does not stop women from standing up for themselves, according to two distinct women from Pleasanton who have had varying experiences as leaders in their community. In this episode, Parth Mishra (’23) interviews these two ladies in order to understand their view on the issue, as well as their opinion on the future of leading the younger generations.

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Women in STEM

Over the past few decades, women have been branching out into the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math but have been underrepresented due to an influx of men overtaking the industry. Listen to our interview with Mrs. Barnett on her journey as a women in STEM and what obstacles she encountered in the male-dominated world of physics.

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