AV teachers bring back abroad trips for students


Sofia Skinner

Amador students have the opportunity to travel to Greece and other countries.

Parker Brown and Sofia Skinner

Now that COVID-19 has dialed down, Amador Valley teachers are offering an amazing opportunity for a select few students to travel abroad. They are giving them a chance to experience Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, and more alongside their peers. These non-school-sponsored trips are definitely worth checking out. 

“I’m taking thirty people to Italy and Greece this summer, in the month of July. We are going to have snorkeling, doing some hiking, we are seeing a lot of wildlife there are opportunities for students to use their Spanish and shop for local handicrafts,” said Stacey Sklar, Comp Civics and English teacher.

These visits last about one week and you’re experiencing something new and enticing every day. There’s sightseeing, activities, shopping, and more. Using Spanish, understanding other countries’ cultures, and viewing their new environment around them are just a few examples of what students are able to gain from these trips.

“It’s a great opportunity to see diverse cultures… In my case, we’re going to Costa Rica so we’re looking at different biomes, sustainability, plantations, how they run certain coffee plantations, and things along those lines so I think they get a lot out of it,” said Robyn Fewster, the Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher.

These teachers take time out of their own summer to give kids the opportunity of a lifetime, and the experience is beyond worth it. The reason for this is to travel the world themselves, but also allow students to learn school information outside the classroom and take what they have learned to new levels while being able to apply it to the real world.

“I go on these trips because it is an extension of what I learn in the classroom…and I am constantly trying to get my students to be curious about the world beyond Pleasanton, so this is just a good way to make that real,” said Jennifer Zuanich, AP Human Geo and Global Studies teacher.

Education First, the company that takes our students and teachers on these trips, is now up and running once again so everyone has a chance to get back out there and explore the world. This company does require all participants to be fully vaccinated along with testing negative before attending the trip. The reason for this is because, in order to travel outside of the United States, it is mandatory for all people to not have Covid-19. Staying safe and experiencing the history behind these travel locations is a learning experience for all. 

“The company that I run the trips for does require travelers to be fully vaccinated and sometimes the countries that we visit also require things like full vaccination and a booster,” said Robyn Fewster, the Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher.