Hearing Black Voices: A Podcast by the Black Student Union


The end of Black History Month has arrived, and in a month, people of color from all across the world have shown their talent and voiced their opinion out for the world to hear in many different forms of media; from inspiring songs to meaningful shows, and from analytical literature to thoughtful podcasts. In this podcast, the Black Student Union of Amador seeks to discuss the flaws and progress of the social landscape of the world by listening to the various podcasts about African history from all across the globe.





Black History Year: The lack of public education on African History in America, and its consequences

In terms of history, we are taught the ins and outs of the slave trade which brought African Americans across the Pacific to the continent of America. We are made aware of our nation’s terrible history of enslavement, and the fight against it. However, are we ever taught about the culture that African Americans have long celebrated in Africa, before they were forcibly made to be chattel, and later, American? In this episode, the BSU discusses the consequences of the lack of emphasis on African history in history classes, and how this deficit in education forsakes a certain significance from the enrichment of identifying with an age-old culture.

Black History Year: The Importance of Community to the Progress of a People

The contributions of a society to the progress of their civilization has always been a joint yet individual effort, the participation of each and every member of the society necessary in achieving total enfranchised progress. From the Black Panther Party to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, African American people in America have resisted together as a community, bettering their position in society, and slowly lifting themselves off and away from the deep seated oppression.