Masking rules change at school: how is class different without masks?


Ritika Ghosh (‘23) and Julianna Diwa (‘24) working together with no masks.

As of March 12, the Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) stopped requiring masks inside, however, they are still strongly recommended. 

Students have been advised to respect everyone’s personal decision whether to mask or not. Though many expected changes in the classrooms due to the removal of masks, classes have not changed and students are continuing to learn the same way. 

“Personally I am excited for the mask mandate to be lifted because it is interesting to see everyone’s faces. I haven’t been to school in such a long time without a mask so it is definitely a new experience for everyone” said Danielle Skinner (‘25). 

Each student received an email from Superintendent David Haglund regarding the zero toleration for unkindness, discrimination, or exclusion and hopefully read it over making sure they understand the circumstances. 

“I am pretty happy that the mandate has been lifted but I am not sure if I will actually not wear my mask. I don’t want to make other people uncomfortable so I think it will just depend on who’s around me and stuff,” said Emma Rathjen (‘22).

There are many different opinions on this decision and it will be a big adjustment not only for students but for teachers as well. The decision can vary depending on family conditions, ideals, and overall safety precautions. The most important element in this guideline shift is the student’s safety.“I don’t think COVID-19 cases will rise too much because a lot of students are still wearing their masks. I feel like it’s honestly just unpredictable and we will see what happens,” said Mason Basbas (‘23).