Middle College Provides AV Students With Alternate Educational Path


Renna Popli

Kari west, Liv Simmonds, and Maddy Singley, students of Middle College, pose for a shoot at Las Positas.

Renna Popli, AVT Editor-In-Chief

An opportunity to attend a different kind of high school is available to all current sophomores and juniors through Middle College. 

“I chose Middle College because I was struggling a lot my second semester of sophomore year and I felt like I needed a change or a savior in order to save my grades and my mental health… I feel that middle college has fulfilled my wants for getting help because the administration really cares about you there, also I get so much more choices for my classes,  I feel like the students around me are here for the same reason and we’re not competing with each other,” said Middle College student Mackenzie McDonald (‘23). 

Students from Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin schools all have the option to apply for Middle College, where they will be able to take all their classes at the local community college Las Positas. Amador Middle College students are still considered a part of PUSD and are even welcome to continue participation in clubs, sports, and other activities at Amador and other campuses.

“Middle college changed how I felt about my academic standing and my academic path because it allowed me to flourish so I felt more confident and my grades were boosted…I think that opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me, and I think the resources that Middle College and Las Positas offer are so great, and eye opening, and encouraging,” said Middle College graduate Meera Popli (‘20), currently a student at the University of Southern California. 

In this program, students have the option to either push themselves to take a broader range of courses or can choose to narrow their focus to a certain skill set. Certain high school requirements must still be met alongside other students in one’s high school career, and these–as well as any other elective classes – must be taken on the Las Positas campus. 

“I’m an independent learner, and Middle College has let me explore that more…I enjoy going to school everyday and learning – I would’ve never said that last year…I now feel like I am learning and taking in what I am being taught rather than just getting my work done on time,” said AV Middle College student Katja Von Sichart (‘23). 

While students who attend Middle College still have the option to apply to a 4-year university as a Freshman, many choose to attend an additional year at Las Positas to gain the college credits necessary to apply as a Sophomore or Junior – a process that many students find less hectic than the typical college application process. 

“When I was in normal high school, I felt that the future was something that I was really struggling with. I didn’t even know if I was going to get into college, but now that I’m in Middle College I have a full-fledged plan to take college classes there for an extra year and transfer in somewhere, which is much better for me than the traditional freshman application process,” said McDonald. 

More information can be found on the Las Positas website or on the Middle College flier. Initial applications are due February 28th, to be followed up with interviews and recommendations.