A preview of 2022 Amador Softball


Katy Clark

The Amador Softball team values accountability, hard work, and discipline.

Katy Clark

Softball season is approaching at Amador, and in order to prepare for their season the coaches held tryouts the week of February 7th. The official season starts on February 26th and extends right until the end of school.

“We have 24 games. We participate in EBAL championships and NCS if we qualify, and then we also participate in tournaments throughout the season on the weekends,” said softball player Ruby Stinson(‘22).

The athletes have been training in a group since the end of November last year. These preseason practices, while not mandatory, allow the players to bond with their teammates, teach the new athletes team guidelines, and provide a fun atmosphere to play ball.

“It is not mandatory because a lot of the girls have conflicts with work, or maybe that they are playing basketball or a different Amador sport. Most people come just because it is good to get to know everybody [and] meet the freshmen. We have probably around 30-35 between JV and varsity combined. But many of those girls haven’t come out yet because of basketball season,” said Stinson.

Now that preseason is transitioning into the regular season, tryouts give the coaches a chance to evaluate potential players and their skill sets on the field. Activities in tryouts include drills with pop flys, ground balls, and running exercises around the bases.  

“I was told tryouts are Monday through Friday and can be up to 2 weeks long. They last from 3:45-6:00, and yesterday we had pitchers and catchers pitch, and we also hit,” said Kaylee Davis (‘25).

The team strives to be inclusive and fit as many people as they can on the roster. However, depending on the year it all falls to the number of people trying out whether people will be cut from the team or not.

[A] majority [of the people] make the team. Some years we have too many girls and it is just more competitive but usually no one gets cut or one person gets cut due to safety concerns. I would say it is pretty welcoming to whoever wants to play,” said Stinson.

Many of the athletes on the field during tryouts include freshmen who are looking forward to getting their first experience with a high school sport. 

“I want to join the team because I love softball. It is my favorite sport and I have been playing for a long time. I am most excited for playing a new season with new people and representing Amador,” said Davis(‘25).

During the season, spectators can come watch the games for free. Followers of the sport will see the girls softball team take on teams in the East Bay Athletic League such as Granada, Livermore, and Amador’s number one rival, Foothill.

“Anybody who attends the games we have bleacher seating and you can sit in the outfield and look through the fence. You do not need to buy a ticket [except] only for playoff games at the very end of the year,” said Stinson.

From the rookies to the veteran athletes, the Amador softball team is ready to go into the new season with spirit, comradery, and a drive to win. During practice they will be working together to prepare for their most anticipated games with Livermore and Foothill in the regular season, and strive to win big in the postseason with NCS and EBALS.