Amador Valley teacher Diana Hasenpflug named Tri-Valley ROP Teacher of the year


Pleasanton Unified School District

Ms. Hasenpflug teaches a group of students about athletic injuries.

Karissa Yeung, Senior Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 3rd, Diana Hasenpflug won the Tri-Valley ROP (Regional Occupation Program) teacher of the year. This award is given to honor teachers around the county for their hard work. Ms. Hasenpflug is a sports medicine teacher, a PE teacher and the athletic trainer on campus. 

“I was very excited and I was surprised at the same time [because] I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve been putting in the same amount of hours for quite some time. To me, it’s always making a difference,” said Diana Hasenpflug.

Ms. Hasenpflug is being recognized for her hard work and dedication towards supporting her and athletes, like football players, succeed. She helps relieve athlete’s injuries and supports them through the recovery process.

“I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in a student’s life. I do this program because I make connections with kids,” said Hasenflug.

Ms. Hasenpflug has inspired many students into pursuing their full potential and dreams of going into athletic training. She does this by giving them hands-on experience and provides support. 

“This class has been really cool for me to be in because it [has] inspired me to go into kinesiology and do athletic training or physical therapy in the future. She has been a big part of that because she’s been teaching us all about anatomy and the body and what it means to be an athletic trainer and just this field in general,” said Brooke Inman (‘22).

In the sports medicine class, students learn how to treat an athlete’s injury and how to prevent them. In addition, they also learn about human anatomy.

I’m really interested in going into some field of physical therapy or athletic training, [and Ms. Hasenpflug] is really helpful in giving information and [providing] hands-on experience through the sports med program,” said Kyleigh Leung (‘22).

Congratulations to Ms. Diana Hasenpflug on being named the Tri-Valley ROP teacher of the year!