Tri-Valley Halloween Con launches at Dublin


Abigail Kent

Attendees show off their costumes to other enthusiastic fans.

Abigail Kent, Staff Writer

On October 31st, the Tri-Valley Halloween Con made its debut at the Shannon Community Center in Dublin. After the success of their Contra Costa Cons, Bay Area Festivals decided to put together another convention to celebrate the Halloween Season.

“It’s a great gathering of like-minded people. Here there’s no judgement,” said John Pflegl, who runs the Watercolor Chaos booth.

Many conventions have taken place in the Bay Area, from SacAnime to ComiCon. While the Tri-Valley Halloween Con may not be as grand as some others, it still provides people a place to showcase their games, art, and much more.

“I’ve been doing conventions for three months now. It’s a really fun experience, being able to play my card game with people,” said Sanchez Michaels, creator of the card game “Gosh Darn Bubbles.”

Attendees of the Halloween Con were encouraged to come in costume, dressing as their favorite characters from all corners of media. Comics, TV shows, video games, movies, and anime were all fair game for costumes. 

“It was cool to see everyone’s costumes. There were so many cool costumes,” said Tianna Hekmaty (‘24).

Most of all, the convention is a place for people with similar interests to share what they are passionate about. Whether they are behind the booths or just having a look around, the Halloween Con brings people together.