Amador charms the crowd with Homecoming skits


Soumya Rangan

The freshman girls performed their skit in their time period, the 20s.

Amador’s 2021 homecoming skits were held on Thursday, October 14th, and this year’s theme was “Decades.” Tirelessly rehearsed and wonderfully executed, they were the perfect addition to the week’s spirited festivities.

“Decades is a great idea for a theme. There’s a lot you can do with it, there’s a lot of space to get creative” said Nicole Belleville (‘21).

The freshman theme was the 1920s, embellished with flapper dresses and a sign reading “Freshwomen,” an ode to the women’s movement of the time. Sophomores executed the 2000s with a Mean Girls spoof. Juniors welcomed the 1970s to the stage with Mama Mia characters and classic tunes. Finally, Seniors took us on a trip through beloved 1980’s films.

“They were all funny but the dances were especially fun to watch,” said participant Logan Bayani (22).

The graduating class seemed especially well-received. 

“The Senior’s recreation of movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Back to the Future was my favorite to watch,” said Belleville.

While watching skits was a great time in and of itself, being on stage may top audience participation. 

“Homecoming skits looked really fun when I watched them sophomore year, which inspired me to join as a senior. My friends were in it as well which made the whole experience really fun. My favorite moment was at the end of the play,” said Bayani.

Every skit followed the theme of homecoming proposals.

“The proposal theme was cute and easy to follow, and having a consistent plot tied the four shows together,” said Belleville.

Congratulations to everyone who partook in this year’s show!